The name Ferrari is exotic. Once the word is uttered to people who know cars, the immediate image that comes to mind is that of a stunning red sports car. Loud enough to deafen their eyes, but fast enough to give them chills!


After a second, ask the same individual to point out the date and year that the first ever Ferrari debut into the world of cars and motorsports. Well, not many people have a clue, such a disappointment isn’t it?


But not to worry, that’s why we are here, to take you down a worthwhile memory lane.

Piacenza the little Village Awakens!

Just a year or so shy of seven decades ago, the minute Italian city of Piacenza was the ground the very first Ferrari race car debuted. The “1947, 125 s” Ferrari’s race car left its very first skid marks on the streets of Piacenza.


Fast forward again to several decades later, the people of Piacenza were once again given the honour to see the same race car in action again on their streets!


A horde of enthusiasts in May stormed the city of Piacenza where residents woke up to a spectacular oval circuit created from straw barriers. Enthusiasts had gone to the lengths of ensuring there was a presence of 40-strong platoon of racing cars from the pre-WWII era and the Post WWII era.


The vehicles all assembled at the Piazza Dei Cavalli, the central square. Crowds of bewildered car lovers surrounded the vehicles, waving vehemently and shouting loud in enthusiasm.


What Was In The 40 Classic Line-Up?

There were twenty sub-1100cc machines present. The majority of these vehicles were hand-built and custom fit with a modified Fiat 750/1100cc engine. These are classic vehicles under the care of amateurs who dress up like the race drivers from their model car era and show off.


The event dictated that the cars should all go for six laps around the track. The rule set was only one; no racing, just pure enjoyment in the exotic cars. The cars paraded, and the six laps gave crowds the privilege to cheer the drivers in the beautiful cars as they let the machine roar on the streets.


The Big machines came in after the smaller models had their show. Ferrari decided that for this event, their first ever race car should reminisce back on what it was developed to do, that is; race. The then mighty 125 S machine hit the Piacenza streets!


The Ferrari 125 S Street Racer

The 125 S is a 1.5 litre V12 Barchetta that was initially driven by Franco Cortese back in 1947. The same time, the car didn’t disappoint, it roared in the Piacenza streets, and only had to retire thanks to a fuel pump problem.


In 2015, the Michelotto factory commissioned and recreated the 125 S and was at the forefront of authentic racing machines. The rest included: Ferraris, an elegant Zagato owned and recreated Alfa Romeo TZ3 Stradale and an Alfa Romeo 4C.


The six-lap event was underway, and every driver behind the wheel of these exotic vehicles did their best to have fun. There was a lot of spitting flames, barking and exhaust pipe sounds that were nothing short of magical!

Fun Facts

Back in the day, the average speed was 87mph and on straights they could rally the car up to 125 +mph! Now, however, the speeds were kept at an average since the value of the car is worth more than the top speed it reaches.

The residents of this small city in Italy were happy to re-live what most of their grandparents, parents and some the lives they did when street racing was the in thing. For new residents, they now have new memories to reflect upon! choose from thousands of used cars in Northern Ireland and other vehicles on